Hi!! i am a minecraft user that plays PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox 1. I love playing minecraft but sometimes i come across questions that i don’t know the answer to this is a website that will help you with: finding good minecraft servers, answering your minecraft questions, and help deprive your boredom.  if you want us to add your server than go to the contact us page.

here you can chat and have fun we are currently in need of admin so I will be picking some appropriate users to become an admin but in order to do so you need to follow thees rules

  1. be kind; respect others (especially admin)
  3. no lying

also for a good vanilla minecraft server check out

if you want to help out and be admin of that server^^^^ then copy and paste this link                    https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/epic-4010655/


have fun on this website